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Feature of ChatTTS

chattts brings many exciting updates

Optimized for Dialogue-based Tasks

ChatTTS excels in dialogue applications, enhancing user interactions with natural, expressive speech.

Support for Multiple Speakers

ChatTTS enables dynamic, multi-speaker conversations for interactive and realistic experiences.

Fine-grained Prosodic Control

Control prosodic features like laughter, pauses, and interjections with ChatTTS for nuanced speech.

Enhanced User Experience with Better Prosody

ChatTTS offers superior prosody, making speech more natural and engaging for users.

Pretrained Models for Research and Development

ChatTTS provides pretrained models to support TTS research and development.

Advanced Features for Next-Gen TTS Applications

ChatTTS includes advanced features, positioning it as a leader in conversational TTS technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What languages does ChatTTS support?
ChatTTS supports both English and Chinese languages, making it versatile for multilingual dialogue applications.
How much training data was used for ChatTTS?
ChatTTS was trained with over 100,000 hours of data, including both Chinese and English speech.
How can I use ChatTTS for dialogue scenarios?
ChatTTS is optimized for dialogue-based tasks, enabling natural and expressive speech synthesis suitable for applications like virtual assistants and chatbots.
What prosodic features can ChatTTS control?
ChatTTS can predict and control fine-grained prosodic features, including laughter, pauses, and interjections, to create more natural and expressive speech.
How does ChatTTS handle multiple speakers?
ChatTTS supports multiple speakers, facilitating dynamic and interactive conversations in your applications.
Where can I access the open-source version of ChatTTS?
The open-source version of ChatTTS, trained on 40,000 hours of data, is available on HuggingFace.
Can I use ChatTTS for commercial purposes?
No, this repository is intended for academic and research use only and should not be used for commercial purposes.
How can I contribute to the ChatTTS project?
You can contribute by joining discussions in our QQ group, adding GitHub issues, or submitting pull requests to enhance the project.
What are the system requirements for running ChatTTS?
For a 30-second audio clip, you need at least 4GB of GPU memory. On a 4090D GPU, the Real-Time Factor (RTF) is around 0.65.
How can I ensure responsible and ethical use of ChatTTS?
We have added high-frequency noise and compressed audio quality in the 40,000-hour model to prevent misuse. It's important to utilize ChatTTS responsibly and ethically.